Sunday, September 7, 2008

SFEMF 2008: Szelag, Rutro, Buzzarté

Saturday, September 6, 2008.  San Francisco Electronic Music Festival.  Theatre Artaud.

Tonight had a thinner crowd.  I'm not sure how the audience accurately chooses the most engaging evenings, but I wish I were more in the loop.  (Pun intended.  *cough*)  Still, it was a good show of solid performances.  

Local Agnes Szelag, who performed in Myrmyr on Friday night, did a pleasant piece on her own.  Then an ensemble of other local performers billed as "Rutro & The Logs" explored injecting humor into the electronic music performance medium.  Rutro explored the liminal space between introduction and performance, beginning with a speaker who extended Matt Davignon's opening remarks and kept requesting the "feedback" (sic) on the mic to be turned down (referring to the reverb).  The tongue-in-cheek silliness continued with a video component of cut log bits rolling up and down a hill.

Monique Buzzarté finished the evening with three pieces which blended seamlessly into one performance for trombone, conch shell, and electronics, in particular, lots of looping.  The opening "Elegy" (2006) nicely stacked layers of trombone into a warm, rich sound.

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