Saturday, September 6, 2008

SFEMF 2008: Richard Teitelbaum, Myrmyr

Friday, Sept 5, 2008.  Theatre Artaud, San Francisco Electronic Music Festival.

So glad to be here.  Audience even larger and more vibrant than Thursday night.  Lots of Mills kidz and grads.  Lots of hippy academes.  Great "west coast" vibe.  

Richard Teitelbaum (b. 1939), professor of composition and electronic music at Bard, demonstrates you don't have to be young to be über hip!  And nicely done, he has positioned himself toward the front of the stage facing sideways, so you can see a bit more of the laptop action.  Nearly motionless, his fingers still move on the trackpad, giving a slight sense of performance.  The big problem with tablecore, of course is, are you performing, or checking email?  It seems like a good instrument for Teitelbaum.  "Serenissima" for two winds and computer (premiere) made for interesting processing of the acoustic instruments.  And contrabass clarinet?  Nice.  That's an instrument I'd like to see more on subway platforms and street fairs.  

Myrmyr brought their fresh outta Mills n friends vibe to the evening with a largely improvised composition.  I am told they also play Hotel Utah and do things that fit into the pop music format; I can't imagine what they did at SFEMF going down well at Hotel Utah!  But you never know.  I enjoy the cross pollination and it is all music to me.

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