Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"Gentle Wind" Video

This is a video for "Gentle Wind" from the Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble I CD.  You're hearing just Fred Morgan and me, on drums and Roland Jupiter 6, recorded live in studio with no overdubs.  I shot and edited this video myself.  (Unfortunately, YouTube degrades the audio.  I've been reading about that online.  I'm not going to fight their janky compression algorithm.  So here it is in mono with artifacts, despite the high quality of the source file.)  

We titled these compositions after the fact.  I caught all the images of things moving in the breeze and the birds by happy accident.  And I think this video has a good daytime look which stylistically matches the album cover designed by Ben Coopersmith.  The album is also available on iTunes.  One interesting feature of this track is the meter.  9/8.  It's a fairly uncommon meter, although it is in no way bizarre.  

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