Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lang Lang at Chicago Symphony Center

Saturday November 15, Lang Lang n Frenz at Chicago Symphony Center.

Though I regret I never saw Liberace, I feel this kind of makes up for it.

Lang Lang comes to Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco in December.

If you're lucky, he'll wear the same giant hideous silver brooch.
(I can't find any pictures of it, but it's been mentioned in other reviews.)
If he does, you'll for sure want to take him to Marlena's after the concert.



Did you read the New Yorker article on Lang Lang a couple of months ago? Should be quite a show...

Jack Curtis Dubowsky said...

That is a great article. It's here: New Yorker Lang Lang article

sfmike said...

That is a very funny post. I have a friend who went to see Liberace late in his career at a show in Reno that included the "dancing fountains" and whatever young man the L. was "mentoring" at the time. He loved every minute of it.

I think I'll pass on Lang Lang, but you've definitely piqued my interest. And is LL a "hairdresser," as Princess Sparkle Pony puts it? I've not really heard one way or another, but the Marlena's link seems to be hinting at such.